I am ready for Marbleworks to measure for my countertops when…

•   All cabinets are installed and finished (the cabinet man does not have to come back).


•   The sink, faucet, soap dispenser, etc have been purchased and are in my possession. 

•   I have decided which stone, backsplash, and edge profile I want to use. 

•   I know which cook top or oven I want to use and have the dimensions available to me. 

•   If applicable and possible, I have removed the old tops from my existing cabinets to ensure an exact measuring job. 

•   I have informed Marbleworks of all the decisions reached on each of these points and they have the related information in their possession.


If you have any further questions about the selection, measuring, or installation process, please call us at 256-657-6211.


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I am ready to install when